Make a testride

An extensive testride with a Van Raam bicycle is very important. If you have experience with cycling on a regular bicycle with two wheels, then you should have in mind that a tricycle cycles completely differently.

Are you interested in a Van Raam bicycle and do you want to make a testride on one or more bicycles without any obligation? It is possible to request a free testride at Van Raam in Varsseveld, the Netherlands. You can make an appointment for this testride via the form below.

For the time being (until 6 April) it is not possible to plan a test ride at Van Raam. If there are any changes, this will be communicated via the Van Raam website.

For a testride in your area, we advice you to look for a Van Raam dealer in your area. You can search for a Van Raam dealer in your area via the button below.

A Van Raam dealer in your area

Request a free testride

Fill in the form below to make an appointment with us in Varsseveld (the Netherlands). We will call you for the details. (Please indicate at 'comment' if there is a specific time for us to call)

It’s possible to test more bikes. If you want to test more then one bike fill at bicycle type your preference bike and mention in comments the other bicycle types.

Make a testride on i.a this product

Easy Sport

Easy Sport

  • Adults
  • With sporty handlebars below
  • Comfortable sitting with backrest

What can you expect

  • Extensive explanation of our advisors
  • Extensive tour through our factory
  • Useful tips with your purchase
  • Extensive testride
  • Try different bikes
  • A tasty cup of coffee ( or tea, orange lemonade)
  • Tailor-made offer