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Noa enjoys cycling on her Easy Rider Small tricycle

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foto Noa

Many people who can not cycle on a regular bicycle are looking for a good and safe alternative. At Van Raam we have a very wide choice of special needs bikes in varied sizes and for all ages. An important category are our tricycles.

he familiy Herrezuelo Rossek sent us an email with pictures of the 7-year-old Noa on her special needs tricycle from Van Raam, the Easy Rider Small. Noa Perla suffers of a Hereditary spastic paraplegia SPG3A, like the Mother Daniela.

Spastic paraplegia 3A (SPG3A) is a hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP) characterized by progressive bilateral and mostly symmetric spasticity and weakness of the legs, diminished vibration sense caused by degeneration of the corticospinal tracts and dorsal columns, and urinary bladder hyperactivity.    

The subject of the mail was: ’an ingenious piece of Work’.

"Dear Van Raam B.V,

Please let us share with you the attached pics and these words: Thanks a world for this technical product 'Easy Rider',  this is Engineered Art!

Noa loves her new Van Raam, she can feel the wind!    
Familiy Herrezuelo Rossek want to say thanks to all your team".

Please take a look at the beautiful pictures of Noa with a big smile at her tricycle.

We wish Noa a lot of cycling fun with her Easy Rider Small tricycle!         
Would you like to read more information about this special tricycle? Please take a look at the Easy Rider Small page.  

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