Video's Van Raam special needs bike

Van Raam has made an amount videos about the special needs bike. At our Van Raam YouTube Channel, with more than 150 videos, you can see all the videos about our unique special needs bikes (tricycles, tandems, wheelchair bikes, double rider cycles, low step through bicycles and the scooter bike).

On our Youtube channel are all videos about Van Raam with the Van Raam company film and videos about the employees of Van Raam, like Henk Kluver ( 95 years), the oldest employee of the Netherlands.

Van Raam YouTube channel

Van Raam company movie

Van Raam made a couple of informational videos about the special needs bikes. You can find these at the page of the respective bike. On the YouTube page of Van Raam are more than 150 different videos which you can watch!

Product videos / instructional videos Van Raam

From almost every Van Raam bike has been made a instructional video / product video. You can find these video's also on the page of the respective bike. Below, it is possible to watch some product videos and instructional videos. You can find more product- and instructional videos on our YouTube channel by clicking on the button below.

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