Videos Van Raam bikes, special needs bicycles

Van Raam made videos of their special needs bikes.

You can see the videos at the information page of the bike. You can also watch all the special needs bikes movies at the Van Raam YouTube page.

At our YouTube channel you can watch movies about:
  • The Balance, low step through Pedelec bicycle on which you can always have two feeds on the ground.
  • Different tricycles, like the tradational three wheel bikes or the comfortable tricycle with seeting, the Easy Rider, a tricycle for adults who is also available as a Pedelec.
  • The OPair, a chair bike on  which the person with a disability can sit in the seat at the front. The front part can be divider and used as a wheelchair.
  • The VeloPlus, a wheelchair transporter bike, nearly all wheelchairs can be transported on this special bike.
  • Fun2Go double rider cycle, a  side by side tandem, companion bike on which you sit next to each other.
  • A  product animation of all the van Raam special bicycles 

Click here to go to the Van Raam Youtube channel

Movies about Van Raam

Besides videos about our unique custom bikes, you can find our company movie at the Van Raam YouTube Channel and videos about employees who work at Van Raam, such as Henk Kluver (92 years). He is the oldest employee of the Netherlands. 
Watch the YouTube videos about Van Raam or employees of Van Raam which is not on our own Van Raam channel are here.