New Van Raam corporate presentation

Van Raam has grown fast in recent years. Bicycles have been produced in the bicycle factory in Varsseveld for almost 110 years. Are you curious who Van Raam is and what Van Raam is doing exactly? Then take a look at Van Raam's new corporate presentation.

Van Raam corporate presentation

Take a look at the latest corporate presentation of Van Raam. In this presentation you will find the history of Van Raam, the reason why Van Raam started producing special needs bikes, the production process, our bicycles, the pedal assistance, the E-Bike app and more.

Van Raam bicycle factory Varsseveld the Netherlands
The Van Raam bicycle factory

Van Raam special needs bikes

Van Raam has been producing bicycles for almost 110 years, the last 35 years the company focussed solely on special needs bicycles. All bicycles are produced in the bicycle factory in Varsseveld. The bicycles in the product range consist of: tricycles (for children and adults), tandems, side-by-side tandems, transport bicycles, wheelchair bicycles, the scooter bicycle, bicycles with a low step through and the walking aid. The bikes are for both children and adults with a physical disability or for people who are looking for more safety and stability while cycling.

Van Raam wants to offer people sustainable and contemporary mobility. Because if people can be mobile and independent for longer, they are happier. Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in society. 'Let's all cycle!

The production of special needs bicycles

Before the bicycle is on its way to the dealer, and from there to the end user, it must be produced. The production process consists of 7 steps:

Van Raam production special needs bikes wheel assembly
The wheels are made in the wheel assembly in the Van Raam factory.

  1. The production of the bicycle starts with steel pipes. These pipes are processed and shaped by different machines. As soon as the machining is finished, the welding robot ensures that everything is welded together.
  2. When the bicycle frame is complete, the frame enters the blasting cabinet where the frame is blasted. As soon as this is done, the bike can be given a colour by means of powder coating in a colour of your choice.
  3. In the warehouse, all parts are collected together for the bike. These parts need the mechanics to assemble the bike. The parts that are needed depend on the options that are chosen for this bike. This is different for each bike.
  4. In Van Raam's own wheel assembly the wheels are made. this starts with rims, spokes and possibly an motor for the pedal assistance and ends with a complete wheel.
  5. As soon as the frame, parts and wheels are complete, the bike can be assembled by the mechanics. The mechanic also assembles the options chosen for this bike.
  6. As soon as the mechanic has finished assembling, the bicycle goes to the quality control where the bicycle is completely checked one more time. This is also where the electrical system is activated if the bike has pedal assistance
  7. After the quality control, the bicycle is ready for transport. It is well packaged so that the bike is delivered safely to the dealer who ordered it. The dealer will contact the new owner of the bike and the bike is ready for use.  

On the page 'How we make bikes' you can read more about the production of a special needs bike.

How we make bikes

In addition to production and assembly, the design of a bicycle is also made at Van Raam. This is done by the Research & Development department. They work with programs with which they can design the bikes completely in 3D. Read all about our Research & Development department and watch the video in the article 'Video of the Van Raam Research & Development department'.

Van Raam company movie

Do you want to take a look inside at Van Raam? That's possible! Take a look at the company movie and see how a special needs bike is produced.

Rickshaw bike Chat wins Eurobike Gold award

Innovation and awards

Since the beginning of 2019 Van Raam has been working in one of the cleanest and most intelligent factories in the Netherlands. Innovative technology is used to improve our products and processes. On our innovation page you can read all about the modern machines we use, such as the 3D printer, the 3D laser machine for pipe processing, line production and our test bench.
We have noticed that the innovation we apply to our bikes is appreciated and we have received several awards, such as the Guus Hiddink Business award, the Eurobike Gold Award for the rickshaw bike Chat and the ExtraEnergy test for the Van Raam pedal assistance in 2019.
Would you like to know more about the innovation and awards at Van Raam? Click on the button.

Innovation and awards

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