Van Raam eBike App

Now free download from the Google Play Store or Apple App store, the Van Raam eBike app.

You can:

  • Adjust  bike settings;
  • Sent SOS message with GPS location;
  • Check cycling data during bike tour;
  • Change pedal assistance.

Van Raam eBike App

The Van Raam bicycle App is a free smartphone application that you can use while cycling with your Van Raam electric bicycle. This app can be used as a luxurious bike computer for all Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance. Furthermore, the app includes other additional features such as an SOS function and a function which allows you to adjust the pedal assistance while cycling.

Van Raam bicycle app

What can you do with the Van Raam eBike app?

The Van Raam dashboard application can be used as a luxurious bike computer while cycling with one of Van Raam’s bicycles. The dashboard of the app displays the current speed, total distance, kilometrage, battery capacity and power consumption. For more cycling data, there is a detailed screen that displays, among other, the average speed, maximum speed, total distance, electricity, battery voltage, pedal power and pedal frequency. Moreover, the Van Raam app includes a function that allows to change the pedal assistance of the electric motor to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level. This can be selected under "programs". In addition, you can send a SOS message in form of a text message containing your GPS location..


How to install and use the Van Raam app?

From 1-11-2018 there is a new Van Raam eBike app. If you already used the app before, it is important to remove the old app and download the new eBike app.The old app is no longer supported from this moment on and it is therefore important to download the new app. In the event of future changes, the update will take place in the new Van Raam app.

What do you have to do now, one-time only?

  • Remove the old Van Raam Ebike app from your phone.

If you already had an account with the old Van Raam app you do not have to create a new account, you can log in with your current login details.

Step 1: Download the Van Raam eBike App

The Van Raam dashboard application is available for Android (Google) and iOS (iPhone/Apple) and (soon) available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

         download van raam app (android)                             download van raam app (Iphone)

Step 2: Register before usage

After downloading the Van Raam app, you must register in order to use the app. Open the Van Raam app on your smartphone and you can register with the frame number of your Van Raam bicycle and your email address.

Step 3: Log in to the Van Raam App

Once you are registered, you can log in with your email address and a password of your choice.  

Step 4: Choose the right bicycle

When you are logged in, you can use the menu button on the app (three horizontal lines) to choose a bicycle where the app connects to.  By entering the correct frame number the corresponding bicycles are shown and can be selected. Please note that the bike must be nearby and the electric motor must be switched on.

Step 5: Enjoy cycling with the Van Raam App

Once a connection to the bicycle you selected is made under "bicycle selection", you can start cycling with your Van Raam bicycle and the Van Raam app.  

register Van Raam app

Step 2: Register befor usage

Add bicycle Van Raam app

Step 4: Choose the right bicycle

Dashboard Van Raam app

Start page of the app

Cycling information Van Raam app

Cycling information

Smart Display Van Raam fiets

Which of Van Raam’s bicycles are suitable for the app?

All of Van Raam’s bicycles with pedal assistance (e-bikes) that are delivered from May 2016 (with smart display) on are suitable for the app. Older bikes can be reconstructed at Van Raam, so that the app can also be used. Please contact Van Raam for more information.


All information on the Van Raam App

Read all information and a detailed description of Van Raam’s app in the user manual. Also check the most frequently asked questions about the app in the FAQ on the Van Raam app.

Download the user manual