low step through bike
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Low step trough bike

The low step trough bike from Van Raam, the Balance, is more than a bike with a low entry level. Through a completely different frame, our customers have the ability, next to the low entry level, of getting both feet on the ground without having to get off the saddle.This gives you the feeling of a comfortable, safe bike with a unique posture. While cycling, your legs will make the normal pedal motion, through the special construction. In the end, you will make a somewhat more forward-facing kick. 

Ergonomically designed seating position
The special construction of the comfort low step trough  bike  Balance ensures that you can cycle safely, stop safely and experience less impact on wrists, shoulders and neck. The Balance is ideal for people with mild balance problems, people who have difficulty getting on and off a bike, and people who are prone to experience pain to the wrists, shoulders and neck while cycling. 

Available options
The Tavara Balance low entry level bike is also available as an electric bike with pedal support or called power assistance, and there are many accessories available to personalize the bike. 

Walking aid

Van Raam’s walking aid , the City, is designed to increase people’s mobility.The walking aid elieves the legs by supporting the costumer’s weight on the saddle. This allows you to cover longer distances without a wheelchair or additional walker, enabling our customers to exercise longer and more easily. The walking aid City is foldable, light weighted and is therefore easy to carry around in e.g. car, bus or train.

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