Selle spéciale

Van Raam has several different kind of saddles. Because of the different Van Raam bicycles, not all saddles fits on every bike.

For the tricycles with a seat (Easy Rider, Easy Rider Junior, Easy Sport) does count that the seat can be order in one size bigger.

For the other bi/tricycles (Husky, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Maxi Comfort and Balance) with a normal saddle, this can be changed in an Ergogel saddle, a banana saddle or a flat Puch saddle.

For the Fun2Go/FunTrain or Easy Go is it possible to change the seat in a comfort seating. For the Fun2Go and Funtrain is it also possible to make the seat rotable.

Van Raam

Ergogel saddle

On the photo you see the Ergogel Saddel "drifter", which can be placed on, for example the Midi, Maxi, Maxi Comfort etc.

Van Raam

Comfort Chair

On the photo you see the Comfort Chair, this can be placed on the Fun2Go, Funtrain and Easy Go.

Van Raam

Bananas Saddle

On the photo you see the Banana Saddle, which can be placed for example on the Midi, Maxi, Maxi Comfort or Twinny etc.