GoCab: electric bike taxi for 8 children

The GoCab is a bicycle taxi with electric pedal assistance in which children can be transported safely. With this cargo bike an attendant can transport a maximum of 8 children from approximately 2 to 8 years old; an ideal means of transport for nurseries, extracurricular care and host families. In this article you can find out more about the possibilities, facilities and options, safety, which prices the GoCab transport bike has won in recent years and take a look at the latest photos of the photo shoot with the GoCab.

GoCab bike taxi for kids with attendant

GoCab | Cycling with kids

Getting and bringing the kids and going out together with the GoCab daycare bike is a party in itself. The bike is electrically supported, easy to steer, light and offers the possibility to easily cycle backwards. Each ride is an outing and the driver has an optimal view of the children and the road. The GoCab is a bike, so no special driver's licence is required and cycling on cycle paths is allowed. It also has double calipers, the bike is environmentally friendly and the GoCab has a short turning circle which makes it easy to manoeuvre. In addition, the GoCab can be extended; with the optional canopy cover children can always be transported dry.

Standard features

  • 8 gears
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Seats and belts for 8 children
  • Parking brake

  • Mirror for driver
  • Environmentally friendly powder coating
  • Five-year warranty on frame
  • Free E-Bike App

Safety requirements and awards

The Van Raam Go Cab bike has been extensively tested and thus meets all safety requirements for the Netherlands to be able to transport 8 children safely and securely. Among other things, the transport bike has been checked very carefully for high safety requirements such as a seperate hydraulic braking system where each independent part is always stronger than the engine and can always be braked with the hand brakes. Please note that different rules may apply to other countries. In the sturdy solid cockpit the children are fully protected in the belt and because the GoCab bike can be cycled wihout a license, it is an ideal alternative to taxi vans or heavy and unsafe cargo bikes. The GoCab has also won many awards: the International Eurobike Award 2011, a GIO recognition during the Dutch Design Week and the Innovative Award of the Rai.

New bike pictures for the GoCab

Recently we had the GoCab bicycle taxi for children photographed by a professional photographer. Together with the photographer, Natha's Home4Kids and the GoCab bv we made it into two fun days where the kids could enjoy a ride in the GoCab. Cycling, eating an ice cream together, playing in the playground at Koffieboerderij Groot Nibbelink; fun moments the kids won't forget anytime soon. Besides the fact that the children enjoyed it, the photos were also very succesful. Take a look at the pictures below to get an impression of these days. HINT: keep an eye on our social media, because there also will be a new product video of the GoCab soon!

GoCab childrens bike getting out of the bike
GoCab cycling in the city
Go Cab display starting aid bicycle taxi
GoCab elementary school cycling with kids
GoCab bike for children entertainment
GoCab inside the bike seats and belts
GoCab charging double battery
GoCab blinker left right
Side window GoCab bicycle taxi
Double brake calipers GoCab bike taxi
GoCab bike bus for children transport bike
GoCab school bus bicycle kids Netherlands Van Raam
Van Raam Go Cab kindertransportfiets vrijstaand

GoCab Bike Taxi - Models & Options

The GoCab is available in 3 different models: GoCab Basic, GoCab Comfort and GoCab Excellent. With the basic version (€ 7850,00) you get the standard options on the bike such as electric pedal assistance, a battery 25 Ah/h, 8 gears, a bike bell, a left mirror and front- and backlight. With the GoCab Comfort version (€ 9420,00) you get in addition to the basic options an extra mirror on the right, a direction indicator set, a canopy cover and side windows so the children can be transported dry. The Excellent version has as optional extra options an extra battery and a first aid bag. Please note: all mentioned prices are exclusive VAT and apply for 2020 only. For countries outside the Netherlands it is currently not possible to lease or rent a GoCab bicycle taxi. 

Product page GoCab (Dutch)

Technical specifications

SKU 367-0000
Inside leg length (adjustable) 80 - 95 cm
Boarding height 49 cm
Weight bike +/- 115 kg
Max. cycle length 254 cm
Max. cycle width 110 cm
Max. cycle height 145 cm
Max. user weight 120 kg
Max. user weight passengers 280 kg total
Wheelsize front and back 20"
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes

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