Van Raam special need bikes with electrical assistance (e-bikes)

Van Raam has since 2011 an own electrical pedal support called Silent System.  The motor, battery, controller, the Smart Display and software are developed by Van Raam.  The Silent System is developed for the rehabilitation sector. The Silent system is characterized by:
  • Simple use;
  • 3 support modes + starting aid/launch control;
  • Fully noiseless motor;     
  • Powerful motors;        
  • Modern and efficient electronics;        
  • High quality and safe batteries;          
  • Personal adjustable support, adjusted to the handicap;          
  • Cycling forwards and backwards with active pedal support;
  • A smartphone app that allows the bike settings can be changed, can be sent an SOS message, and wherein current cycle data, including speed, distance, battery capacity can be viewed.

The Silent electrical system is an 36 Volts system and delivers a maximum 18 ampere. The motor have an average power of 250 Watt. The pedal sensor can detect movement and force. In combination with the unique software the system makes an optimal support an efficient power use. The support is very smooth so that unexpected movement of the motor is prevented.  
The Silent electrical system was in 2012, 2013 and 2014 in Germany as worldwide “test-winner”.  

All the Van Raam Tricycles have backwards support. Tricycles with a back-pedal-brake are excepted. 

Smart display/control Van Raam bike

The display of the Silent Electrical system has several buttons. On/off button: You can activate the system by pressing the button shortly. You shall see that with the startup support mode 1 is activated. When you press the button for 2 seconds or more the system will shut off.

Smart Display Van Raam bike
  • On/off button;          
  • 1: support mode 1 (Eco);        
  • 2: support mode 2 (Comfort);          
  • 3:  support mode 3 (Sport);        
  • Bicycle symbol: starting aid/launch control.  

The Silent Electrical system has several supportmodes, namely supportmode 1, 2 and 3. You use supportmode 1 when you don’t need much support or you want a high range. Supportmode 2 supports more and the range is less high than in supportmode 1. Normally supportmode 3 is used for mountainous area. This supportmode gives a lot of support so that you can go up a hill. The range in mode 3 is lower than un mode 1 or 2

Starting aid/launch control. 

The Display has an starting aid/launch control button. When you press the button you get can get support and you do not have to pedal. The Tricycles form July 2014 has the starting aid an extra function called launch control. When you pedal and press the starting aid button you get a boost. The force of the boost depends on the supportmode.

Battery indication.

The Status of the battery capacity is shown by the five indication LED’s on the display. The five LED’s are all green except the left one, this one can also be red. The battery indication indicates the remaining capacity of the battery. The more LED’s are lit, the more power is in the battery. When the left LED blinks red the battery is almost empty and the motor does not support any longer. The head-and backlight will still function.

Other functions.

An option of the Silent electrical system is the central switchable lightning. The light is switched by the on/off button on the display. The display has also an automatic dimming function, all the lights are dimming in the dark.

The Silent batteries.

Till the middle of 2012 Van Raam has used Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NIMH). From 2012 Van Raam uses Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. The tricycles of Van Raam have an Cube Li-Ion battery and the Balance, tandems and wheelchair cycles have a Slim Li-Ion battery. The high quality batteries are manufactured in Germany and can be used for many discharge cycles. The Li-Ion batteries have 2 years of guaranty with a maximum of 500 charge cycles. The batteries have a high capacity, on several bikes it is possible to use 2 batteries with a maximum capacity of 1784Wh.

  Cube (Li-ion) Cube Heavy (Li-ion) Slim (Li-ion)
 Nominal Voltage 36V DC 36V DC 36V DC
 Capacity (Ah) 11,2 Ah 24,8 Ah 12,4 Ah
 Capacity (Ah) 403 Wh 892 Wh 446 Wh
 Maximum current 25 A 25 A 25 A
 Weight 4,5 kg 6 kg 3 kg
 Cell US18650V3 NCR18650A NCR18650A
 Memory effect No No No
 Sleepmode Yes Yes Yes


Cube battery Van Raam bikeBattery special needs bike 11,2 AhCube Heavy Battery 24,8 Ah Van Raam bikeBattery low step through Van Raam bikeBattery special needs bike (Slim)
Trike with Cube battery, Cube battery 11,2 Ah, Cube Havey 24,8 Ah, Low step through bike with Slim battery, Slim battery

The Batteries from Van Raam will go, after a long time no use, into a sleep mode. This protects the battery and it uses no power anymore so the battery has a longer range. The Cube batteries have a indication on the handle. This indication has five green LED’s and a button. When you press on the button once the indication will show the capacity of the battery. Also by pressing once, the battery can be waked up out of the sleep mode. When you press two times short the two other LED’s will blink and the battery goes into sleep mode.

Range Van Raam batteries

The range of the battery depends on much factors. Thereby Van Raam gives an estimated range of the batteries. The biggest factors are: the capacity of the battery and the bike. Beside the total weight, the force that the cyclist delivers, the supportmode, the condition of the tires and the condition of the road and the weather are also factors that have influence on the range.

Van Raam motors.

Three different motors can be used with the Silent system, the Silent VR1F, Silent HT VR2F and the Silent HT VR2R. Those motors deliver an average power of 250 Watt. The Silent HT VR2F and Silent HT VR2R are stronger than the Silent VR1F. The Silent HT VR2F and the Silent HT VR2R are mostly used in heavier bikes, in mountainous area or when the cyclist has low pedalforce. The motors from Van Raam are maintenance free brushless direct-drive motors. The motors are very quiet and a favorable power usage.  

Van Raam 1 motor bikeVan Raam 2 motor bike       
Picture 1:  Silent VR1F, Picture 2: Silent HT VR2F      
Overview Van Raam motors:
Silent VR1F
Silent HT VR2F / VR2R
 Average wattage 250 W 250 W
 Voltage 36 V 36 V
 Maximum current 18A18A
 Maximum torque 35Nm 60Nm
 Traction control / ASR Yes Yes
 Noise motor Null Null
 Starting aid Yes Yes
 Backwards function Yes Yes
 Power consumption Low Low
 Weight 5,7 kg 7 kg
 System Brushless / direct drive Brushless / direct drive
 Wear sensitivity  Null Null
 Speed control with throttle possible Yes Yes

Trottle Van Raam bike

An option of the Silent electrical system is the throttle handle. Every bike that is executed with an Silent electrical system can have a handthrottle or an thumbthrottle. With a throttle handle you can drive your bike without pedaling. The support depends on the supportmode that is activated. The Thumb throttle has a switch, with this switch you can drive backwards without pedaling. The speed forwards and backwards is proximally 5km/h.      

hand- and thumb throttle
Left: thumbthrottle, right: handthrottle

Adjusting the Silent electrical system. 

The Silent Electrical system is spacious adjustable. The System can be customized for every customer.

The system can be controlled by force. If the customer gives more force on the pedals, the support will be higher. The proportion between the force from the customer and the power of the support can be customized. The system can also be controlled by movement. When the customer is rotating the bottom bracket there will be support. This is called “pedelec”. Often the system is controlled by a combination of force and rotation.

The system is only customized by Van Raam or dealers. It is possible to adjust the recipe with the Van Raam App. This is possible with bikes from may 2016. Older bikes can be updated so that those bikes can also connect to the Van Raam App

Weight gain of the bicycle by the pedal support.

The weight of your bike will increase by the pedal support. The total weight of the motor, battery en other parts depends on the type. This varies between the 9 and 15 kilo extra weight.

User manual Van Raam special needs bike(s)

For the complete user manual of the pedal force read the user manual of your bike. You can find the user manual of your bike on the Van Raam website, under price/documentation of the bike.  

If you have questions about maintenance or range check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Please notice that you have got an originally from factory assembled Van Raam Pedal support system. The Silent system is recognized by the Van Raam logo’s on the battery, display and the specific characteristics as backwards driving.  

Warning: When there are any adjustments or changes are made to the bike by other parties then Van Raam of by yourself that causes any malfunction of defects, then the guarantee and the CE mark will expire. The absence of the CE mark can cause problems for insurance by damage or liability.     

Van Raam bike App

From June 2016 the Van Raam App is available for Andriod and IOS. For more information:

Van Raam fiets app

Older Van Raam elektrical systems.

Did you nog have the newest elektor system with Smart Display, please read the article:  Van Raam bikes with motors / pedal support before 2016 >>

Downloads software 

Software voor Silent systeem:

With the use of Windows 10 it is possible that service cables which are ordered before May 2016 has problems with connecting. If you have such a problem please contact our service department.


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