For each Van Raam bicycle there are a lot off options available to configure the bike to your own specifications. Besides the basic options Van Raam also provides custom modifications. 

The options available for your bike are classified per type bike.Go to the bike of your choice to the map: price/documents

You could also configure your own bike and choose the correct options with. 

Option that are sold frequently:
   Baskets Baskets
Stick holderStick holderWalker holder bracketwalker holder bracket
Wheelchair holderWheelchair holder
Mirror MirrorLightning kitLightning kitArm restArm restTruck supportTruck support
Ankle support
Ankle support
foot fixation
Foot fixation
handlebar controls left (Easy Rider)
Handlebar controls left side
Special handlesSpecial handles
Gear lever Gear leverBeltBeltrotable seat side by site tandem
Rotable seat
Floating pedal Floating pedal Eccentric crank Eccentric crank CrankshortenerCrankshortenerPedal supportPedal support >> 

Options Van Raam Bicycles

Every Van Raam cycle is available with many options, such as: baskets, mirrors, walker and walking stick holders, lower leg and foot fixation, foot straps, belts, arm and backrest, direction indicators, special handles, foot plates, hydraulic brakes, one-hand operation, a gear lever to easily control the speed, different gear systems, kilometer counter and special crank or frame adjustments. 
There are unique options for every type of bike. You can view these  by the specific Van Raam bike.
Using an eccentric crank the two legs can make different rotations so that you can easily cycle, even with a knee with a bending limitation. A crank shortener can help in compensating the difference in the lengths of the legs and other limitations in the legs. One can even cycle with one leg using a stationary crank.
As Van Raam produces every cycle uniquely, making special frame adjustments is no problem. We make the cycles completely uniquely as per your requirements. Therefore, we make frames for exceptional lengths, weight or other bodily limitations. 

Footsandal, Footfixation

For the different Van Raam bicycles we have foot fixations. With this fixations it is not possible that the foot will fall off the pedal while cycling. This foot sandal will be delivered with  balance weight so that the pedal always will be horizontal.

The foot sandals can be ordered in a left and right version and can operate with one hand. 

Shoe size  22 - 36  37 - 48
Length footsandal (cm)  20  25
Widht footsandal (cm)    6 -7,5 (adjustable)    7,5 - 9,5 (adjustable)  
Name footfixation  FIX 20  FIX 25



The cycles have a standard colour per model and a few other (fixed) optional colours, besides these, the cycle can be painted in any desired RAL colour.
Van Raam standard colors

Look at your your type Van Raam bicycle  for the options

Electric pedal support Van Raam bicycles Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for the Van Raam special needs bikes.

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