Transport bikes

Our transport bikes are for children or adults who cannot or do not want to take part in traffic on their own. Transport bikes are also called cargo bikes and are bikes that are specially designed to carry more than just their rider. People choose a transport bike together with someone or several people who can't do it themselves.  With the transport bike, people come out again, who normally cannot enjoy cycling in the fresh air. Our cargo bikes give everyone a special feeling of freedom. You can feel the wind in your hair again, go out again with friends and family.


Transport bikes and cargo bikes from Van Raam

  • Meets all legal (safety) requirements
  • Unique powerful pedal assistance with reverse function and starting aid/launch control
  • Suitable for one driver and two passengers 
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OPair vélo fauteuil Van Raam
  • Pour transporter une personne en chaise roulante
  • Assise du passager réglable
  • Convient aux enfants et aux adultes
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VeloPlus Van Raam vélo
  • L'utilisateur de la chaise roulante + bestuurder
  • L'utilisateur de la chaise roulante peut rester dans son fauteuil
  • La chaise roulante peut facilement être placée sur le plateau inclinable
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Benefits Transport bicycles

  • They can be used right up to their final destination.
  • There is social contact between the people.
  • You are not dependent on third parties for transport.
  • Cargo bikes and Transport bikes are environmentally friendly.
  • Unique powerful pedal support with reverse ride function
  • Meets all legal (safety) requirements

Different options for the transport bikes

Van Raam's cargo bikes / transport bikes are also available with pedal assistance as electric bikes. Our GoCab and Chat are equipped as standard with our unique pedal support.
Van Raam's cargo bikes can be equipped with many different modifications and accessories and are available to make the bike suitable for everyone.
Experience all about electric pedal assistance for these bikes

Rickshaw Bike Chat cargo bike

Rickshaw Bike Chat

The rickshaw bike Chat is meant to be used for cycling together with adults and/or children who are no longer able to participate independently in traffic. An accompanying person cycles with one or two persons on this cargo bike. The two people who will join as a co-driver, sit next to each other at the front in a specially designed cockpit where design and ergonomics come together. The driver sits behind this cockpit and in this way has an overview of the road, but also of the passengers.

Rickshaw Bike Chat
Rolstoelfiets OPair cargo bike tranportbike

Rolstoelfiets OPair

Bij de OPair rolstoelfiets cargo bike neemt de passagier plaats in de zitting aan de voorkant van de fiets. De standaard zitting is op veel manieren in te stellen. Eventueel kan er ook een eigen zitting gemonteerd worden. Optioneel kan het rolstoelgedeelte losgekoppeld worden van de fiets en zelfstandig als rolstoel worden gebruikt. 

Rolstoelfiets OPair
Rolstoeltransportfiets VeloPlus transport bike

Rolstoeltransportfiets VeloPlus

Bij de VeloPlus rolstoeltransportfiets kan de passagier in de eigen rolstoel blijven zitten. Vrijwel elke handbewogen rolstoel wordt door één persoon zeer eenvoudig en snel op het kantelbare plateau van de rolstoelfiets cargo bike VeloPlus gereden en vastgezet. Zonder zware inspanning en zonder transfer wordt de eigen rolstoel op de fiets geplaatst. 

Rolstoeltransportfiets VeloPlus