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Van Raam has made a VeloPlus wheelchair bike video. This bike is suitable for disabled people or people who can’t participate in traffic independently. The video shows how someone in a wheelchair can easily be driven on the tiltable platform so that it is possible to cycle together.

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair bike ensures that disabled people can go out cycling in the open air with an attendant in their own wheelchair. The bike can be used for almost every manually operated wheelchairs. The video below shows how the VeloPlus wheelchair bike works and how it is used.
Almost every wheelchair up to 78 cm wide, can be transported on this stable transport bike for wheelchairs. The wheelchair user can remain seated in his / her own wheelchair and can be easily put on the bicycle with the help of the tilting platform. Once the wheelchair user is on the platform, the wheelchair can be locked securely with the integrated wheelchair lock. Due to the special construction and the disc brakes this wheelchair bike is easy to steer, stable and a small turning circle can be made by the co-steering wheels.
An optional function for the VeloPlus wheelchair bike is an electric motor. With the electric motor you can cycle with pedal assistance. If this option is chosen, the bicycle can also be used for long distances and in hilly areas.

VeloPlus wheelchair bike video

Watch the video below to see how the VeloPlus wheelchair bike works.

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