Tavara Balance, safe and comfortable low entry bike.

The history of the low entry bike Tavara by Piet Tauber and Van Raam, goes back to 1985. At the bicycle RAI in 1985, architect Piet Tauber was presented with a prize by Mrs. Kroes as the winner of the Bicycle Safe competition presented by the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works.

Tavara Balance bicycle

The Tavara Balance Bicycle is characterized by its low entry and the fact that you can always get two feet on the ground.  A bicycle accident suffered by architect Piet Tauber in 1984 prompted him to revise the design of the traditional bicycle The accident caused Tauber to realize that sitting high on the saddle with a bar between your legs made you vulnerable in the case of a sudden event.  He wanted a safe bicycle on which you could always stay properly seated, even when you stand still, and a bicycle on which you could get off quickly and easily, even in emergencies.  This starting position led to the design of the Tavara bicycle. A bicycle with a redesigned frame with different proportions. The sitting position is lower, the pedaling motion slightly more forward. The leg makes the optimal movement and you can still, with both feet on the ground while sitting on the saddle. Because the center of gravity is lower, the bike is also more stable.  The bike was given the accompanying text Comfort and Safety.

Through an appeal in the trade magazine Twee Wieler, Tauber came in contact with Van Raam in Aalten. At that time a small company that made special bikes Piet Boezel, the owner, Wim Hoefman, the welder, Henk Kluver, pin striper and Bennie Jansink, mechanic, took care of the production of the bicycle that is currently still a success item at Van Raam.  The Tavara (Tauber Van Raam) has received a new design since 2006 and has since been named Balance. This new Balance has inherited all the good features of the old Tavara and a number of innovations have been added. Because Tavara was such a household name for many years many people talk about the Tavara Balance.  However, the name Tavara has also remained a household name in the market.  Many people with bike fear and/or balance problems could and can continue to cycle because of the Tavara - Balance bike from Van Raam In October 2022 the Balance 2 was introduced. The renewed Balance of Van Raam is a comfort bike with a very low entry and a uniquely designed

The old Tavara
Tavara low entry bike by Van Raam

User experiences Tavara Balance

Read the experiences of Tavara Balance bicycle users below.

Balance low step through bike

"I am Albert Smit (78) and I need an adaptive bike for my heart and lung complaints. I was not able to cycle anymore, due to breathlessness."

Albert Smit - Vaassen (the Netherlands)

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