Electric tandem bike

At Van Raam we get more and more demand for an electric tandem bike. Just like the normal bikes the people want also have power assist on a tandem bike as well.
Van Raam has several tandem bicycles ,a traditional two-wheel  tandem, with two people behind each other the Twinny, a traditional tandem with two rear wheels, a three wheel tandem for greater stability the Twinny Plus Van Raam has a tandem bike for a child in the front the Kivo an the Duo. Beside these tandems Van Raam produces a three wheel tandem  where you sit side by side, the companion cycle Fun2Go and the Twinrider. Sitting  side by side with this bike is unique,  you sit next to each other instead of sequentially. Social contacts and checking each other is perfectly suitable.  All our tandem bikes are available with and without electric power assist. The pedal support helps you to ride. It is not that the engine can completely take over the cycle, you will always have to kick it too. Our pedal support  can  fully assist in cycling away as a launch control. On the page with information about an electric tandem you  can find more information.

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