Container with Van Raam bikes to America

USAIn 2016, the first two containers with Van Raam bikes were delivered to our dealers in America. At this moment, the 3rd container loaded with Van Raam bikes is ready for transport to the United States of America.

Tricycles, tandems and wheelchair bikes to the USA

The new container is fully packed with custom Van Raam bikes including

Of course, the new wheelchair bike (electric OPair wheelchair bikes and VeloPlus wheelchair transport bikes with motor) are also included in the container to the USA.

Container with special needs bikes to America

special needs bikes container America
Also this time the Van Raam employees have managed to pack all the bikes + parts in the container. At the end of May 2017, the container will arrive in New York, after which the container will be shipped to our Spinov8 Distribution Distributor, which will distribute to the remaining dealers in America.

Container USA - Van Raam bikes

Container ready for take off
opladen container van raam fietsen container met speciale fietsen transport aangepaste fietsen (Amerika)

Special bicycles in America

The Facebook page of our American dealers All Ability Cycles and already has many nice pictures of happy Americans on a Van Raam bike. In the video below a short compilation of this.

Buying a special need ‘Van Raam’ bike

Would you buy a special needs bike and would you know in which countries you can find the Van Raam dealers? Please check the Van Raam dealer page >>

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