Van Raam special needs bikes at 50PlusBeurs

50plus beurs 2017From Tuesday 19th to Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 Van Raam is presenting a variety of special needs bikes (tricycles, wheelchair bikes and tandems)  at the 50PlusBeurs (the Netherlands). 

Video 'Maxi' tricycle for adults

Maxi driewielfietsIn the video below we will show you how the Maxi Tricycle for adults works. In the instruction movie of the Maxi tricycle with pedal support, you see differtent options like electric pedal support, stick holder and foot fixation. 

Van Raam bicycles on trade fairs in the USA

Van Raam fietsen op beurzen in AmerikaIn 2017 we will, together with our American dealer BIKE-ON, take part with several types of tricycles on trade shows/fairs in America. From Friday the 8th until Sunday the 10th of September we will be at the Abilities Expo in Boston. From Friday the 8th to Sunday the 8th of October we are attending the Recumbent Cycle-Con Convention and Trade Show in Philadelphia.  

Instructional video mobility scooter bike

ScootmobielfietsIn the video below you will see how the compact Easy Go electric scooter bike from Van Raam works. The Easy Go mobility scooter bike is an unique tricycle because this adjusted bike can be used in 3 different ways. 

Video wheelchair transport bicycle VeloPlus

Rolstoeltransportfiets (video)In this video we will show you have the VeloPlus wheelchair bicycle is working and how to handle this bike. 

Video Electric Easy Rider tricycle

tricycle Easy RiderIn the video below, we will show you how the Easy Rider tricycle with pedal support works. In the small movie you will see for example how to put on the electric system or how to start with the starting aid/ launch control. 

Configure your Van Raam bike
Every bike manufactured by Van Raam is unique and can be equipped with a variety of features and accessories. As custom bikes align with individual preferences, you can customise any bike to your heart’s content by using the Van Raam configuration module. 
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Shows 2017
Shows Van Raam special needs bikesVan Raam is present at various trade shows, both at home and abroad, were we present our bicycles at bike shows, leisure fairs and health fairs.
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Special needs bikes
Pedal support special needs bikesWhen in the spring the sun is shining people go back to the nature. You can go for a walk, but you can also ride on a special needs bike, such as a electric bicycle. Mobility is as individual as never before and this creates opportunities for people with special needs and requirements. For example you see more (special needs) bicycles with pedal support now days. 
Van Raam special needs bikes on tv
Special needs bikes on Dutch tvVan Raam is a manufacturer of special-needs bikes, such as tricycles, wheel-chair bikes, tandems, double rider cycles, electric scooter bikes and low step through bikes or comfort bikes. You can see on the internet that the Van Raam special needs bicycles are very popular. Recently The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike, tricycle Easy Sport and double rider cycle Fun2Go were at the Dutch TV. 
Special needs bike
Special needs bikeMrs. Zock from Germany sent us an email with her special needs bike, the Easy Rider Junior from Van Raam, with splitt frame and electric pedal support, in the lead role. For five years she enjoys riding her tricycle, with which she has cycled  2500 km. 
Pedicap GoGab, taxibike for children in Radwelt magazine
GoGab Taxi childrenThe magazine of the ADFC, Algemeiner  Deutscher Fahrrad Club has posted a nice article about the bicycle taxi GoCab from Van Raam.
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