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Van Raam produces tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, three wheel tandem bikes, double rider bikes or companion cycles, sitting bicycles, scooterbikes, recumbent bikes, and low step trough bikes and all models are also available as an electric  bike. All bicycles are available in small, medium, large and (if necessary) extra large size and are therefore suitable for children, adults, small and very large people.  A number of van Raam bicycles is widely used as a bicycle for disabled people. A lot of people use the term ‘Raam bicycle’, referring to a bicycle from Van Raam. 
If you want to have an overview of our accessories look at our most sold accessories. You can see the options per bicycle by choosing the bicycle in the left navagation of the website or see the pricelist. 

Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for the Van Raam bikes. 

Brochure Van Raam products.

Video Movies of the van Raam products.

We made a lot off videos of the Van Raam bicycles. You can visit the Van Raam You Tube page 

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Why choose a Van Raam bicycle?

Van Raam’s customers are usually searching for more stability while cycling or are physically disabled. Van Raam’s special needs  bicycles help our customers to continue cycling. This is realized by, for instance, using a low entry, a lower balance point, three wheels, powerful electrical pedal support , or called power assistance , and special accessories which all help the user to continue cycling. Van Raam’s bicycles are easily adjustable, allowing the user a perfect cycling position.
Socially active

Our customers are able to stay active outdoors, and are independent, thus preventing a social isolation. With the tandem bike, companion cycle  or side by side bike, even people who are no longer able to cycle independently can still find relaxation and continue sporting activities. With our environmentally friendly and modern designed bicycles, Van Raam enables the user to easily reach their destination.

Click on a bicycle for more information for the specific bicycle and look at our FAQ

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