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Technical Specifications

Item Code353-0000
Frame height42cm 52cm 61cm
Inside leg length70 - 92cm
Step up height23 cm
Weight bicycle+/- 19 kg
Max. length173 cm
Wheel size24"
BrakesCantilever brakes
PriceFrom, ex vat and shipping

Balance low step through bike 

Van Raam’s low step through bike Balance, is a comfort bike with an easy low step through and with a uniquely developed frame. At these low step through bike you can always reach the ground with both feet and still make the best cycling rotation with your legs. The main advantage of the Tavara Balance is the unique ergonomically formed seating. By using a more forward pedaling position, you can use the power of your legs better than by using a conventional bike. Wrists, shoulders and neck are hardly burdened while cycling. Because the gravity point is somewhat lowered, cycling becomes more easy and comfortable. The Balance, is more than a low step trough bike and it is also available as an electric bike with power assistance. Look at our accessories page for more examples. For more information see  also FAQ.

Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for this bike. 

Available for :

The Tavara Balance is ideal for people with mild balance problems, people who have difficulty getting on and off a bike, and people who are prone to experience pain to the wrists, shoulders and neck while cycling and people who need a stable, comfortable bike  

Smooth running • comfortable • stable • more power through the forward facing kick • easy to get on and off • both feet on the ground, ergonomically designed seating • less burden to the shoulders neck and back • lower gravity point • multiple options  

Standard equipment:
Aluminum rims • Closed chain protection • Safety lock • Lighting • Five year guarantee on frame

For each Van Raam bicycle there are a lot off options available to configure the bike to your own specifications. Besides the basic options Van Raam also provides custom modifications.

he options available for your bike are classified listed below. They are also in the price list at: documents.

Configuring a bike

You can configure your own bike by selecting the chosen bicycle: Click right above the + sign to select your bike. This bike goes to your configuration, then add the options at the tab options by selecting the amount 1 for each option you want.

If you click the option you will receive additional information if available. Once you have selected everything, click the top or bottom of the module at: In configuration.

In the right corner of the site, you will see: XX items in configuration. If you click on it you can see the overview of your bike. You can mail it to a chosen email address. At the top are some tabs like sign, pay, etc. You can’t do anything with it because bikes are not to be ordered by end-users at Van Raam.
an Raam produces each cycle unique. Therefore each cycle can have different components. So we work with a unique frame number. With this number we have, in case of service or repair, the right specifications of your bike.

The frame number can be found on a sticker under the clear coating on the saddle tube or under the carrier of your bike.

Find your unique parts:

At the top of the site you can select in the search field, by using the dropdown:  frame number. Select this, fill out your frame number and press enter.  

You will see a classified overview of all the parts of your specific bicycle. You can select the desired items by entering the amount you need, click at the top or bottom of this module on: In Configuration.

You will see all selected items at the top of the website at: Your configuration.  You can mail the items to a self chosen email address. At the top of the module  are some tabs like sign, pay etc.  You can do nothing with them.  In the future  dealers can order there  parts online.

At this moment it can be that the list of parts per cycle is not complete. In the course of 2014, this will be achieved. If you can not find the right parts, you can always mail or call +31 (0) 315-257370 Make sure you have your frame number or the Van Raam order number of your bike .  

If you are looking for options / accessories for your bike, use the tab Options, or look at the pricelist at the tab Documents. 
Place data yourself at: